Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Student Newspaper Coverage of WGL

Thanks to Lindsay Knake of the Central Michigan Life newspaper who did a great piece on our recent panel at her school. The lede:
Writer Deborah Siegel and the other panelists of "WomenGirlsLadies" are looking to change the way people view feminism.

Notice this great pic, which captures the moment Gloria nailed me with the hardest question of the night about women's voting power. Gees, that lady knows her stuff.

I have to say that Knake's article was a great improvement over the pre-event coverage which lead with the cringe-worthy: "Students can take part in a university-sponsored 'girl talk' tonight." Pass the nail polish and don't you dare freeze my underwear girlies!

But seriously, thanks to everyone at CMU, especially Jill who made it all happen. It was an absolute pleasure!


Anonymous said...

Thank you for coming! I really enjoyed the panel and getting to meet all of you. The "girl talk" article made me upset too. Though honestly, that newspaper is not the best when it comes to covering events. I can't count how many times I've been misquoted.
And nice picture of the boots!

-Amy (the theatre kid you met at lunch and who has moon boots).

Courtney said...

Amy! Thanks so much for your support and the sticker and general loveliness. Take care.

Eric said...

Hi everyone. Just wanted to let you all know that a podcast of the womengirlsladies forum has been posted on CMU's iTunes U page. The link is below. Enjoy!

Eric said...

lets try that link again...