Monday, June 8, 2009

Gearing up for Dads, Dudes, and Doing It with Notes from Daddy Land

In preparation for our Dads, Dudes, and Doing It event coming up, I wanted to share some posts from The Man Files -- a regular feature by author/blogger Shira Tarrant -- over at the group blog I edit, Girl w/Pen. The latest entry, titled "Stuff Hallmark Doesn't Put on Father's Day Cards," is by Men Speak Out contributor, school social worker, community activist, lecturer, and writer and a founder of The Real MEN’s Project, Dani Meier.

As Shira explains, Dani writes about his experience as both a custodial and non-custodial parent. This stuff doesn’t fit neatly on a Hallmark card, but it should! It comes from the heart and speaks to so many, whether we are fathers, have fathers, or watch our children’s relationships with their own dads unfold.

You can read Dani's post right here.


Laura said...

There are cases when the male gets the raw deal. Not all guys are bad. Some are pretty cool.

Gloria Feldt said...

My friend Ruth Nemzoff asked me to post this for her:

I sent the announcement of your talk at the Brooklyn Museum to everyone I know in Brooklyn. Men’s involvement is key to changing social policy.

I hope things continue to go well with you. They do with me.

Hooray for you, Gloria, for Focusing on changing men’s roles. I hope lots of people attend your Brooklyn Museum talk June 20th at 2 PM.
One interesting tidbit is that older men are taking on greater responsibility for caretaking as grandparents. The old macho man who merely kuch-ee-koos his grandchild is morphing into a caretaker who snuggles and even changes diapers.

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