Thursday, September 25, 2008

We Got to Wear Shades

We've just finished our panel at George Washington's Elizabeth J. Somers Women's Leadership Program and I have to say, we all feel tremendously encouraged by the amazing women we met there and just a bit proud of our own little quartet for prompting such great questions and reflections from the audience. Topics of conversation during the Q&A included: race vs. gender in the election, work/family balance, public policy approaches to rape and sexual assault, "opting out," dealing with anti-feminist crap from insecure boys, beauty standards and their sources, abortion, equality vs. elevating women above men, women in politics, intersection feminism etc.

Thank you to Dean Heller and all those that joined us in the conversation. The future is looking pretty bright...

Monday, September 15, 2008

Washington DC, Here We Come!

As the election heats up and women's role in politics becomes even more important to discuss across the generations, we're headed to the heart of it all for two exciting panels. The first, unfortunately not open to the public, is an evening talk at George Washington University where we will be speaking to the young women and faculty of their wonderful Elizabeth J Somers Women's Leadership Program. We're excited to hear what the community there is thinking and feeling, and to share a bit of our own experiences and passions.

The second stop in DC will be
The Association for Women in Communications Annual Conference where we are the lunchtime keynote address. This will be a fun change of pace for us, as we most often speak with college audiences. We can't wait to hear what professionals of all different ages are thinking about, especially with regard to communication in our complex times. We hope to see you there!